CardMini logo usage

Anyone can use the CardMini logo (and/or its individual elements) according to the following Terms.


1. Distort proportions and appearance of the logo.

2. Change colour.

3. Rotate or change direction.

4. Animate logo.

5. Add to the logo graphic elements and text that are not included in the CardMini logo standard form.

6. Use the logo in combination with other trademarks, directly or indirectly hinting about the cooperation of the CardMini service with other companies.

7. Use the logo as a representation of products that are not related to the CardMini service.

8. The administration of the CardMini service reserves the right to correct the Terms of the logo usage without Users notification.

9. If you are intended to use the logo in any other way, you should coordinate your actions with the Web-site Administration. In order to apply, use this form.

Standard colors and appearance of the CardMini logo

The CardMini logo can be represented in two colour variants. As a background for the Alternative color can be any colour upon condition that the logo is distinguished from the background.

Standard colour
RGB 95/125/187
CMYK 73/43/2/1
This colour of the logo is the main one. As a background for this colour can be used only white color #FFFFFF.
Alternative colour
RGB 255/255/255
CMYK 0/0/0/0
This colour of the logo is an alternative one. It is recommended to use the Standard colour #5F7DBB as the background.

Possible variants of logos in the Standard and Alternative colours:

Files for download:

File:logotype.psd- full variant of the logo (plus position of the elements).
File:cardmini.ttf- font used in the logo. - free service, free registration, free placement of the eCards.