service User Agreement

Internet users have a right to use the Internet resource on the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement (the "Rules"). The Rules apply to registered users of the Internet resource, as well as to third parties, whose reputation, dignity and rights may be infringed, as a result of the illegal actions of the Web-site Users.

This User Agreement is compiled by the Web-site administration and is binding for all Users of the Service. Stop using the Service, if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and definitions used in this Agreement:

Web-site/Service - an Internet resource is located on the Internet at the main address and the additional address The concepts of the Web-site/Service include its software, Trademark, design, program code, database, as well as all its sections and subsections.

Web-site/service administration - a Web-site governance. The Web-site administration owns all exclusive property rights to the Web-site, including the rights to the Trademark, the domain name of the Web-site and its administration.

Trademark - a "CardMini" trademark approved by the Web-site Administration, which serves to personalize the services rendered by the Service. Illegal use of the trademark entails civil, administrative, and criminal liability under applicable law.

User Agreement / Rules - is an agreement between the Site Administration and the User, compiled and approved by the Site Administration, to regulate legal responsibility, rules and rules of conduct of both parties within the Service.

Personal data - the personal details of the user, including contact information, login and password, address, E-Mail address, the User full name and other data directly related to the User.

User - a physical person or organization that uses the Service and acts in his own name and in his own interests. Users are both registered individuals with an individual login, password and Profile on the Web-site, and third parties using the Web-site in their own interests.

Account - a special section of the Web-site, which contains personal information about the User, as well as other information that only this User has a right to place.

Information - any information, regardless of its context and content, which is posted by the User on the Web-site.

1. Provided services

The Service provides users with the following functionality and services:

1.1. Users registration and authorization.

1.2. Placement of text and graphic information on the Web-site.

1.3. Placement of contact information, name, description of the product, service or company.

1.4. Text messaging.

1.5. Free technical support.

1.6. Search for necessary information in the Service database.

2. Registration

2.1. The User must complete the registration procedure to take advantage of all the Service features.

2.2. From the moment of registration completion the User automatically agrees to the processing of his personal data specified during registration.

2.3. If at the moment of registration, the User has provided incorrect information, or if the Site Administration has reason to believe that the information specified during registration is unreliable, or the User uses other people information, or violates the Rules established by this User Agreement, the Site Administration reserves a right to the registration suspension, or the complete deletion of the Account. The question of deleting or blocking the Account is resolved by the Web-site Administration unilaterally and without User notification.

3. User personal data

3.1. The User contact information is available to other Users of the Web-site. These data is indicated by the User on a voluntary basis. Personal data of the User must not violate the Terms and Conditions of the Service. Otherwise, the Administration reserves a right to edit or delete them.

3.2. The User undertakes not to indicate on the Web-site the personal data belonging to other persons, and also not to use the personal data of other Users for profit and other purposes not in accordance with this User Agreement.

3.3. The administration of the Web-site is not responsible for the loss of personal data, loss of profits, and any other types of losses caused by technical failures of the Web-site, hacker attacks, virus or other circumstances that cause the failures in the Service.

4. Web-site administration rights and duties

4.1. The Web-site administration has a right to block the personal data of users, restrict or completely deny them access to the Service. Also, the Administration may delete any content that violates the Rules, the rights of third parties or the applicable laws.

4.2. Administration of the Web-site is not responsible for the loss of the User personal data and its damage caused by the technical failures in the operation of the Service.

4.3. The Web-site Administration is not responsible for the leakage of the User personal data and its transfer to third parties, as a result of hacker attacks and/or hacking.

4.4. The Web-site Administration does not pay any losses, including lost profits, moral, physical and other harm caused to Users.

4.5. If the Web-site Administration is forced to incur losses caused by certain User actions, the latter shall be obligated to compensate the caused damage in full.

4.6. The Web-site Administration has a right at any moment to change the design, style and content of the Service at its sole discretion and without prior notice to Users.

4.7. The Web-site Administration ensures 24-hour working capacity of the Web-site and in case of technical malfunctions and failures undertakes to restore its operation promptly.

4.8. The Web-site Administration has the right to advertise its own services to the User by sending personal messages and mailing.

4.9. The Web-site Administration does not engage in preliminary approval and censorship of the Users personal and private data.

4.10. In case of conflict between the Users, the Web-site Administration reserves a right to request explanations from them and, if necessary, provide all the data that may be required to resolve the conflict situation.

5. User rights and obligations

5.1. Having registered on the Web-site, the User automatically agrees with the current User Agreement and undertakes to execute all rules contained in it. Otherwise, immediately stop using the Service.

5.2. The registered User determines the conditions and the procedure for using the Account created by him, which, however, under no circumstances, should be contrary to the Rules of the Service.

5.3. The User is fully acknowledged with this User Agreement before using the Service.

5.4. Within the Web-site the User is prohibited from posting pornographic materials, scenes of violence, child abuse, obscene language, extremist materials, inciting inter-religious and inter-ethnic dissension, calls for violence, insult, drug propaganda, terrorism, arms and people trafficking. Also, the User is prohibited from posting materials that call for entry and participation in various sects, religious and terrorist organizations.

5.5. The User has the right to inform the Web-site Administration on the information placed on the Web-site that violates the rules of this User Agreement, the current legislation or the rights of third parties.

5.6. The actions of Users should not damage of the Service and the Web-site Administration, and also be harmful to other Users and third parties.

5.7. By accepting this User Agreement, the User guarantees that he acts solely on his own behalf or on behalf of the organization that endowed him with the appropriate legal authority to represent its interests within the resource.

5.8. The User agrees that the Web-site Administration may modify this User Agreement at its discretion and without prior notice to the User.

5.9. The User has no right to access the private site code, modify and copy it manually or with the help of any software tools to detect software errors and vulnerabilities.

5.10. The User does not have a right to change the Web-site sourcecode, which is in the public domain (Html/JavaScript/Css), in order to detect software errors and vulnerabilities.

5.11. The User has no right to act on behalf of the Web-site Administration and the Service, and also use the Trademark, without the prior approval of the Web-site Administration.

5.12. The User has no right to claims to the Web-site Administration on the event of blocking or deleting his Account and/or Personal Data, if the Web-site Administration considers the User actions to be such that violate this User Agreement, current legislation or the rights of third parties.

5.13. The User takes all responsibility for the content of the materials posted on the Web-site.

5.14. The User is not allowed to provide other Users or other persons with the access to the Web-site by transferring his Personal Data.

5.15. If another person, except the User, is authorized under the User login and password, then all actions performed by such a person will be deemed to be committed by the User.

5.16. The User is obliged to do everything possible to protect his Personal Data, in particular his login and password, in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of third parties.

6. Insecurity

6.1. The User uses the Service at his own risk.

6.2. The Service does not guarantee full satisfaction of the User requirements and expectations.

6.3. The Service does not guarantee one hundred percent safety and security of the User data due to possible appearance of the unexpected circumstances, hacker attacks that imply technical failures in the operation of the Service and damage to the User Data.

6.4. The Service does not take responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of the use of Services by the User.

7. Other provisions

7.1. This User Agreement is an agreement between the User and the Web-site Administration regulating the use of the Service and the legal responsibility of the parties.

7.2. This User Agreement is compiled by the Site Administration in accordance with modern legal rules and current legislation.

7.3. Detailed recommendations for using the Trademark in other services are available at this link.

7.4. The original text of this User Agreement can be found at the following link: - free service, free registration, free placement of the eCards.